Hello World!


Hi there, welcome to our Blog. In time we hope to accumulate info here that will be informative and funny. Our life isn’t a “normal” one – but when you live in a Halloween/Horror/Monster Museum, things tend to NOT be “normal.” Our home has over 50 years worth of items to see in many many rooms. In fact, the whole house has some aspect of our weird lifestyle in it – from Halloween Kitchen Towels, Skull Toilet Bowl Brush in the bathroom next to the blood shower curtain, to the coffins in the bedroom. Think of us as a cross between The Munsters and The Addams Family – both very fine families indeed!

So I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to our cats, Autumn and Hallie. You may see a post from them from time to time.

Autumn is our senior gal at the age of 13 years now. She’s a Tabico – that is, a cross of a Tabby and a Calico. She’s a gorgeous gal and has become a lapcat to hubby.

Hallie (short for Halloween – yes even the cats names go with the theme lol) is a rowdy almost 3 year old Tuxedo cat. She has what we call “The Belly Trap” where she flops down, belly side up with “bunny” feet, to get you to rub her belly… only – as the name implies – it’s a trap. What she REALLY wants you to do is rub her belly, let her claw you and then have you spin her around a few times before she tears off to the other end of the room. Then she comes back a few minutes later, flops down, “Perps” at you (she doesn’t meow, she Perps) wanting you to repeat the performance. Yeah, she’s a real cut up. There are times she’s got so much energy she’s climbing the door frames – literally!

Well, that’s all for now. I have to go price our newest shipment of product – got in a lot of sage for smudging! All types of mixes too – from lavender to dragons blood. It smells wonderful! Oh, and let’s not forget, the Zombie Repellent incense too. Sure to be as big a hit as Vampire Blood was!


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